Beauty Tools We Love In 2020

Hey girl! We’ve compiled a list of beauty tools for your skin and hair to level up your beauty routine. Whether you're looking for something high-tech to give your beauty routine a boost, or want a tool that is tried-and-true but not so complicated, these are the beauty tools we reach for to maximise the impact of our daily self-care.

1.The Jade Face Roller

Jade rollers have been used by empresses and members of high society in China since the 17th century, but have recently experienced a boost in popularity.

The tool generally features a larger stone for cheeks, jaw and forehead. We recommend you use it on your neck too.

PRO TIP: Use this with our Hydrating Night Serum or the Repairing Night Cream before your sleep. Oh yeah, stash this roller in the fridge.

2. Hair Dryer Brush

Achieve a salon worthy blow out in the comfort of your own home. Hair dryer brushes effectively style and dry your hair at once, combining the power of a round brush and hair dryer in one tool. The result is voluminous, frizz-free shine in a single step. The bristles allow you to de-tangle your hair, and the heat settings allow for flexible styling options. These convenient tools work on a variety of hair types and will help you create a high quality style in a matter of minutes.

PRO TIP: Be sure to apply our Protective Hair Serum before blow drying to protect your hair from, the damages of heat styling!

3. Mini Beauty Refrigerator

Skincare fridges are convenient to store the heavy-hitters of your skincare regimen and make a lovely addition to any vanity display, but beyond the aesthetics, chilling your skincare products can actually benefit your skin. Cold skincare products have the most benefit when you’re looking to constrict blood vessels for a firmer, tighter appearance such as reducing dark under-eye bags or puffiness.

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4. Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum 

If you’ve ever found yourself in front of a mirror pinching your skin to squeeze out an unwelcome blackhead, you’re certainly not alone. Blackheads (which occur when pores become clogged with oil and dead cells and then oxidise when they're exposed to oxygen, turning black) are not only one of the most annoying skin issues, but they’re also one of the most common. Oof. And without taking the necessary steps, you can actually do more harm than good trying to purge your skin of dirt, oil, and makeup buildup.

A blackhead pore vacuum this blackhead remover vacuum is designed to target and suck out stubborn blackheads without hurting your skin. Much cheaper than a salon visit.

PRO TIP: Follow up with our Detoxifying Face Wash to remove any leftover impurities and detoxify your skin!

5. Scalp Massager

What’s this you wonder? Well, it’s just what it sounds like: handheld, brush-like, sort of loofah for your scalp. If you’ve never purchased one of these, get ready for your life to be changed. Not only does it feel oh-so relaxing, but it helps to reduce dandruff and a whole other array of scalp problems if you use it in the shower, as well as increasing blood flow to the scalp and helping your manicures last longer (because you don't have to scrub your shampoo with your fingers).

PRO TIP: Indulge in a stimulating scalp massage along with our Miraculous Sulphate-Free Shampo and get salon-like hair everyday!

6. Silk Pillowcases

Fun fact : Traditional pillowcases don’t slip, and over time, this causes damage to delicate facial skin and hair. Cotton scratches and tugs on skin and grabs and twists hair, resulting in visible premature stretching, sleep creases, damaged hair, and bedhead by morning. Silk pillowcases allow skin and hair to glide across the surface—protecting and hydrating skin, reducing split ends, and ensuring a longer-lasting blow out. Bet you didn’t know!

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