Water-Based Makeup Removers Vs Oil-based Makeup Remover, Breaking The Taboo.

Water based makeup removers vs oil based makeup removers, micellar water

Water-Based Makeup Removers Vs Oil-based Makeup Remover, Breaking The Taboo. 

Make-up has now become an imperative part of our daily lives. Be it a basic foundation + lipstick or a heavy one, we don’t step out without it. 

As much as we all love applying it, it is truly important to remove your make-up before you hit the bed!!

Your skin cells repair and restore itself when you’re asleep and when you sleep with make-up on it, this process is hindered causing harmful damage. 

Sleeping without cleaning your face has a tremendous negative impact on your skin. During the day, your skin goes through a lot of pollution,dirt, grime and UV rays. These in turn mix with your makeup attracting acne-causing bacterias. Residual makeup traps the oil causing clogged pore and breakout! It also leads to skin dryness and inflammation ageing it early!


Remove your make-up, cleanse your face and use a potent light night serum that will actively help in skin repairing and restoration. 

Let’s talk about what is the best makeup remover to use!

Make sure your makeup remover is safe, non-comedogenic and gentle to use.

The bad news is that the water-based makeup remover you use contains sulphates, which cause flakey and dry skin, it strips the natural oils off your skin, which damage the skin cells, and might cause severe acne.

Which makeup remover should you use

Use an oil-based makeup remover.

Well, let's be honest all of us have heard or said at least once that using oil for removing your makeup can clog your pores, cause acne, and make your skin more oily.

But, the good news is that it is not true, An oil-based makeup remover not only removes your makeup easily, but it also prevents acne and moisturizes the skin.

One of the best Oil-based Makeup removers that you will ever come across is our Silk Appeal Cleansing Oil  which is Clinically Tested for being non-comedogenic and Dermatologically Approved, making it 100% safe to use.

This oil-based make-up remover-

  • Prevents acne,
  • Removes the makeup quickly and gently,
  • Moisturizes the skin, 
  • Replenishes the damaged skin cells,
  • Provides the skin with an even-tone,
  • Has a non-oily finish

We highly recommend a Double Cleansing Routine to gently remove your makeup and wipe off dirt grime and impurities for a clearer, brighter and silky smooth skin. Use our Silk Appeal Cleansing Oil followed by a gentle effective face wash, you can use our Purifying Face Cleanser which does not dry out your skin!

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